Stay Tuned For More News From The What If? Chronicles

We hope you enjoy these two wonderful artists who shared their gifts with us at Cedar Creek.

Maggie Allen
Maggie is a seasoned poet, who is known in the UK circles for her children’s book. Her collective pieces for the What If Chronicles enable her to share her secret journeying into Father with others. Maggie’s intimate moments are drawn out of the Father’s heart, which are ignited by the ‘What If? Chronicles’ teachings and Challenges. Allen’s poetry, in her own unique rhyming style, resonate the expression of Father in the earth. She invites her audience to dive into her reflections, in her
calm and soothing tone.

Gina DeBrincat
Gina is a classically trained vocalist /musician and has been a minister of music. These days, she is using the frequency of sound to express her God-given gift as part
of the peace, love and joy that she is called to bring to the world … ‘the sounding’.

In this epic song, you will be blessed by the lyrics of St. Francis of Assisi
Music written and sung by Gina Debrincat.


Chapter One was an amazing time. After 12 weeks together in CHALLENGES and MENTORING it became evident it was not just another course, we have become friends!


We hope you enjoy these few testimonies from our time together and all Father has begun to unfold from within.


Hope to see you in January as we begin What IF? Chronicles – Chapter Two.